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This post is for all of you who may ask how can you make a difference with your fashion purchases? What is involved when making a conscious decision? Where and how can I get involved? Where do I buy eco-conscious products? 

This post will outline one of the ways you can make an impact by supporting the Fair Trade Movement.

Okay let's face it compared to the million other fashion ranges out there, Fairtrade products lack to excite consumers. We know that it's deserving of our hard-earned cash,  as we've seen on the news how it helps communities and that schools and medical centres could be built in some of the world's poorest countries from the premium we pay for their cotton and other materials, and yet it is still not widely adapted among the masses. The problem seems to be with the image associated to FairTrade fashion that it is limited to boring old hippy shirts and not high fashion or hip enough to be worn. However there are actually many new up and coming designers or designers who are already established but moving towards a FairTrade range for their consumers. I think more education is needed into getting more Eco conscious fashion products out there. I mean it's just ridiculous, the whole mass concept that FairTrade is not fashionable or cool enough for people to start making more conscious choices. From what I can see out there just by doing a bit of research, the market is becoming more and more flooded with designers and brands heading towards a more eco-conscious direction. 

I'd have to say that Eco-fashion is more than a passing trend and more a look into the future of the fashion industry.

I think with more awareness and understanding of what FairTrade fashion actually is and with the help of the many information resources out there we can all learn how to make that difference and acknowledge exactly where our products are actually coming from, how they are being made and the conditions of the workers associated into creating that very shirt or dress you are wearing.

Image copyright of FairTrade USA

The information below is taken from the Official Fair Trade website to give you a better understanding of it all...

What is Fair Trade?

“Fairtrade is a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Its purpose is to create opportunities for producers and workers who have been economically disadvantaged or marginalized by the conventional trading system. If fair access to markets under better trade conditions would help them to overcome barriers to development, they can join Fairtrade.” 

Fairtrade is a tool for development that ensures disadvantaged farmers and workers in developing countries get a better deal through the use of the international FAIRTRADE Mark

If you'd like to join or support the Fair Trade movement, there are lots of things you can do....

Get in touch with Fair Trade Organizations in your area

Buy Fair Trade Products when you can - look for the fair trade label!

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day is held on the second Saturday of May and is a chance for Fair Trade Organisations to celebrate the movement they are in and to draw attention to their cause. To find out more about WFTD you can visit the official World Fair Trade Day site.

Look out for Fair Trade campaigns you can join

There are a number of other charities and not-for-profit organisations that support Fair Trade and run campaigns for trade justice.

Get involved in Fair Trade Towns

Fairtrade Towns is an initiative started in the UK and supported by the Fair Trade Foundation (a National Initiative of the Fairtrade Labelling Organization) in London.

Make a donation to WFTO

WFTO generally funds its work through membership subscriptions. However, if you wish to make a donation please get in touch with the WFTO Secretariat.
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