How do we consign at EKOLUV?

We carefully select pre-loved mid to high end pieces in excellent condition only that we can hire or sell on behalf of you. All items must be cleaned prior to drop off, with no signs of damage or defaults. 

 Our team member Iben is our consignment specialist and will be handling Customer Service, Sales & Consignments and is available for all your consignment enquiries and needs.To proceed with consigning, please send Iben images of your items via email to (
 We are currently offering complimentary courier collection for 10+ items.
 Alternatively, you can book a virtual consignment appointment.

 For Australia wide consignments book here.

How do we price?  

We are unable to provide recommended retail prices prior to consignment. As a guide, resale prices are approx. 40%-60% of original price, depending on the age and condition of specific items. 

We look forward to helping you resell or hire your unwanted pieces and help to keep your fashion circular! 

What do we charge?

Our commission fee depends on the sale price of your items. You can view a breakdown of these fee's below:

  • 50% - for all items under $1,999
  • 40% - for all items over $2,000
  • 35% - for all items over $2,499
  • 30% - for all items over $3,000
  • 25% - for all items over $5,000
  • 20% - for all items over $6,000
  • 15% - for all items over $12,000
  • 10% - for all items over $17,000

If we are given a designer accessory without proof of purchase or authenticity we will charge $50 to authenticate the item ourselves. Premium Hermes Bags authentication fee is $200 AUD. Any additional cleaning required to bring the item to saleable standard, will also be charged to the consignor. 

What does that include?

Our Service Includes:

  • Items are priced based on extensive market research. Each item is assessed and priced according to its condition, how current it is and secondary market value.
  • Take images of each item, styled by EKOLUV and edited to showcase your pieces in the best light.
  • Sell items through our VIP client base of online and in-store customers
  • Offer exceptional customer service to assist with any queries customers may have around sizing, styling and item condition.
  • Process all sales, payments and shipments to customers.
  • After 12 weeks any un-sold items will be returned or donated to our chosen charity Wayside Op Shop, depending on the consignors preference.
  • Any follow up with customer payments and shipments after the sale.

Our VIP Concierge Service Includes: 

Wardrobe re-styling

Wardrobe Clean out

All VIP consignment bookings included all of the above 'our service' mentioned is included.

Our concierge team member will come to you and arrange pick up. 

How do we pay?

Consignors are paid on a 3-4 week cycle via direct bank deposit only or in store credit instead if preferred by consignor.

    Where is our boutique and HQ's?

    14 William Street, Paddington, Sydney, NSW 2021.

    How to get started

    Here is our process:

    1. Send us photos of your item(s) you wish to sell via instagram or email. Alternatively if you have in excess of 10+ items you can book yourself in for a physical or virtual consignment appointment 

    2. Once your items have been pre approved by our team, please post or drop your items off to 14 William Street, Paddington, NSW 2021 with a Consignment form included (details provided by our team).

    It is crucial this is provided with your item(s) to ensure our team has as much information as possible when we get to pricing.

    3. Once we have received your items, please allow up to 7 business days for our consignment team to process your consignment. You will then receive an email from us, requesting your approval on prices along with our Consignment Contract.

    4. Following this, once we receive your approval our team can get promoting your gorgeous pieces and selling!

    5. Follow up regarding your items, please give us up to 72 hours to get back to you with any inquiries. Thank you :)