Not sure how to Eco pack? Not sure if it's even possible to have on the go essentials that are eco friendly? Well let me tell you it is possible, travelling eco friendly does not have to be a hard task. Here find my top eco daily and travel essentials for an on the go eco goddess look...

  • Simplify your life, If you can have something that acts as a 3 in 1 go for it, the less products you have for each different purpose filling up your bag or your cupboard the better.
  • Go for a natural/mineral foundation or bbcream that doubles as a sunscreen but make sure it has a minimum of spf 15+.
  • A natural crystal deoderant leaves no nasty marks on your clothing, go for one without the nasty chemicals and aluminium.
  • Use a nail polish without the nasty chemical such as Butter London, they have a great selection of nail care products that are actually good for your nails without the nasties.
  • A silk eye mask is perfect for travel and is lightweight and oh so soft on your skin, the perfect sleep/relaxation companion great for those long flights and trips away these holidays. You can get our very own EKO.LUXE Silk eye masks here.
  • Go for a natural or recycled alternative for your makeup brushes, eco tools are great for the environment and have travel packs for on the go touch ups.
  • Try a mineral lip gloss in a nice bright shade, it is not only good for your lips but will also brighten up your face with a pop of fresh colour, coral or yummy pinks should do the trick! Our fav pictured above is from mineral makeup brand Youngblood.
  • Try an organic lip balm that also acts as an all over balm, the popular organic EOS lip balms are not only compact, a round ball that is easy to apply, but also yummy and amazing for your lips, we simply can't live without ours here at the EKOLUV office.
  • A mineral concealer will answer all your prayers when you need a last minute touch up, a mineral concealer not only works wonders for your skin but also camouflages blemishes and other skin concerns.
  • Also it is good to have handy an all over moisteriser that is great for face and body. We love the Evohe repair intensive moisteriser. It's perfect for overnight flights after washing your face and applying toner simply apply this baby and when you wake your skin will be so soft and revitalised. It is also a good brightening moisteriser to start the day, it smells amazing and will make you feel good too!
  • Recycled and ethical purses are hard to find but alas the Milas range makes gorgeous purses and stationery. We also love a great notebook made from receycled paper and fabrics for those notes you need to jot down while youre on the go. You can get Milas products here.

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