I get asked alot about eco friendly options for your nails. Is it possible to get nail polish and nail grooming products that are less toxic for us and less harmful to the environment? Well let me tell you that our prayers have been answered and there are plenty of options now on the market for non toxic nail beauty. Such brands include Scotch Naturals, zoya, Suncoat, HoneyBee Gardens, RGB and LVX. One brand I use in particular is called Butter London. I've come across this eco-friendly line that has fantastic formulas and are still free of nasty chemicals. I should note that nail polish in general is a lot safer these days, with major brands removing cancer-causing carcinogens and toxic pthalates from their formulas to make them safer for both consumers and manicurists alike. So while you can paint on your favorite brands with peace-of-mind, check out this under-the-radar line that is not only even safe enough for children, but also offer a variety of awesome colors and finishes to satisfy any lacquer-lovers taste. 

So what are some of the hidden nasties in your average brand of nail polish?
  • Formaldehyde. It’s the stuff they use to preserve dead things. It’s a known human carcinogen and can cause ear, nose, throat and skin irritations.
  • Dibutyl Phthalate. It’s the most controversial of these ingredients; it’s a known reproductive and developmental toxin, and is linked to hormonal and long-term fertility problems in newborn males. It’s banned in the EU.
  • Toluene. A possible reproductive and developmental toxin that causes headaches, dizziness and fatigue. It can cause liver, kidney and brain damage, as well as damage to a developing foetus.
Most non toxic brands will opt for the 3 free priciple. Look out for this when choosing a brand. Butter London polishes are non toxic and "3 free," so they're formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, DPB, or parabens. The colors are unique and the pigments extra rich  so no need to worry about weak pigments, limited color choices, and chip-prone formulas.

One of my favourite products from the brand is the Nail Foundation. It is the perfect 'flawless basecoat' to your nail polish that lets your polish glide smoothly and nourishes your nails at the same time. I use this product as a basecoat but also build up a few layers and wear on it's own for when I want the 'au naturale' look. For a non toxic nail fix for Spring/Summer I suggest opting for pastel colours. The Butter London Pastel colour range is simply beautiful and will give you that fresh look for the season.

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