If you haven’t been to Canggu, Bali and you are a foodie, then I highly recommend visiting. This place is bustling with Bali’s best cafes and boasts an excellent cafe and restaurant culture. Here are my top 4 must visit eco friendly healthy cafes in Canggu Bali, you need to know now.

1. Milu by Nook

This cafe would have to be my all time favourite in Canggu due to the incredible setting of the place, its back drop consists of rice fields and endless greenery. You feel right at home when you are there and it has a very chilled vibe making it the ultimate breakfast, brunch or lunch spot. The menu is delightful and it has a great range of healthy vegan and vegetarian options differing from most other cafes in the area.


2. Peloton Supershop

Easily another one of my favourite cafes in Canggu, this vegan cafe never ceases to amaze me. The food is always deliciously consistent and I always find myself wanting more. The highlight dish for me would be the Jackfruit Rendang burger or the faux chicken snitzel burger on the charcoal bun, amaze!

3. Shady Shack

This is by far one of my favourite cafes in Bali. It has an amazing and extensive menu which can be eaten in or taken away. It ranges from huge colourful salad bowls to super stacked burgers and everything in between. Oh and not forgetting a ridiculous amount of healthy desserts. I tucked into the Shack attack burger and the Nori bowl both insanely delicious but also big servings too. I also shared a vegan apple bundt cake for dessert which was ridiculously tasty plus it came with caramel sauce and a serving of coconut yoghurt. I highly recommend their dragon fruit bowls to cool you down on those hot ande humid Bali days.

4. Crate Cafe

One of the busiest cafe’s in Bali is Canggu’s Crate Cafe situated on Jalan Batu Bolong. This cafe has a varied menu with plenty of healthy options to suit any dietary need/choice and dishes are always delicious. I love the vibe of this cafe, it has an indoor and outdoor area which over looks a field of green and the staff are always super friendly.


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