3 Productive ways to use time in isolation

What an extraordinary time to be alive. Never before in our generation has something caused society to shut down on a global level. Our thoughts are with those who are struggling at this time and we urge you all to look after each other.

On a lighter note, rather than focus on what you can’t do during this time, we thought we’d pen down a few ideas to keep you occupied during self-isolation. We’ve seen your instagram stories and we know you’re already bored….Keep your eyes peeled for blogs to follow as we get more creative with our isolation ideas! 



All you need is 20 minutes of Marie Kondo and you’ll find yourself tying each individual sock into an origami swan. I can’t imagine what would bring anyone more joy. 

Did you know that on average we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time? So let’s use this time to do a proper declutter. Dig out those slightly too small trousers that we’ve been promising ourselves we’ll squeeze into for the last 5 years, or that bag we really like, but we’ve got old and practical it’s too heavy without anything in it so we never actually use it. 

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  1. COOK 

Covid-19 doesn’t have to have us all stockpiling sacks of pasta and tins of tuna that will stare dismally at us from the top shelf till next Christmas. Together let's resist the urge to return home from Wooly's the proud owners of aisle four. No one wants to sheepishly discover a squishy cucumber behind all the pots of pesto you stocked up on. So instead, together let’s help the supermarkets to recover and replenish. 

I recently stumbled upon Supercook, which lets you select the ingredients you already have in your fridge, and it then spouts out recipes for you to cook using those ingredients. How cool is that? I had some slightly limp carrots in my fridge so made some quite delicious carrot soup with chilli and peanut butter. A niche flavour combo I know, but delicious nonetheless.


Don’t forget to make stock from any leftover meat bones and vegetables for a pocket of deliciousness to add to your next culinary creation (just make sure you don’t forget about it and ruin your prized le creuset). 



Have you ever felt frustrated when you arrive in a foreign country and struggle with a simple gracias to the hombre who helped you with your suitcase? Use this isolation time to familiarise yourself with Duolingo. After two days of learning beginners german I can very proudly say ‘it is a potato’ and ‘she likes apples’.

Make it a competition with your fellow isolation buddies and see who can say ten vegetables first in their chosen language. 

You can also learn many tribal and lost languages, so before you know it you’ll be well on your way to ordering an iced coffee in Swahili. 


It goes without saying that during this time we must look out for those around us and be mindful of those who are at more risk if contracting Covid-19. Although this blog aims to give you some fun lighthearted activities to keep yourself occupied with, please do respect the advice from the government and take the necessary precautions to slow the spread of the virus. 

More ideas to follow soon…. 


Take care, 


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