Pallas Couture Studio Wedding Gown (For Sale)

$20,000.00 AUD $16,500.00 AUD

This incredibly beautiful Pallas Couture Wedding Gown was custom made in March 2017 as part of their Haute couture Collection. 

"The Pallas aesthetic always focuses on a strong silhouette but there is also the allure of transparency and soft romanticism. There is an unapologetic decadence in each creation - gowns are dripping with luminescent beading, sequins and sumptuous lace, cut with pure precision." 

Size: S/M fits size 8-10(AU)

Cup Size: 10DD 

+ $50 deposit ( Held on your credit card - Returned to you if purchased )

About the designer

Pallas Couture is a world-renowned luxury bridal and eveningwear house, showcasing modern femininity, elegance and sensuality with each alluring and unforgettable design. Founded in 2001, Pallas Couture has built a global reputation for exquisite designs that are intricate and extravagant, combining traditional elements of haute couture with a sleek, high fashion aesthetic. Pallas Couture is a delicate balance of classic couture disciplines and impeccable tailoring, with romantic embellishments such as hand-appliquéd French lace and crystal beading, resulting in hand crafted gowns of breathtaking beauty.

Each gown is constructed with the utmost precision, sensitive and attentive to the client’s wishes. Luxury fabrics are draped and pinned to the bodice, intricate twists and folds employed to finally achieve the desired effect. Attention to detail is unparalleled with every sequin, bead, embellishment, and embroidery delicately hand placed and sewn with exceptional precision. Handcrafted in-house using the finest-quality European textiles, including French laces, soft silks and Italian embroideries and appliqués, Pallas collections are defined by meticulous technique and know-how. The result is whimsical designs that evoke a nostalgic elegance with a dramatic edge. Impeccable craftsmanship is intrinsic to the house DNA, and this is evident from the very first sketch or vision to the completed work of art that is a Pallas Couture gown.

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