Area Crystal Spike Plaid Blazer And Skirt Set Green

$399.00 AUD

Brand Area NYC

RRP: Blazer $2400 AUD

         Skirt $850

Available to hire in size 8 AU.

4 Day Hire: $399
8 Day Hire: $499

* Includes complimentary specialist dry cleaning

After you have booked your hire please kindly fill in the EKOLUV Rental Agreement Form here to secure your booking.

About the designer

Founded in 2014 by designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczczyk in downtown New York City, AREA is a fashion and accessories design studio specializing in quality craftsmanship, textile development, and innovative embellishment. Since its launch, AREA has garnered a cult following with their modern and timeless take on beauty and glamour.

Exploring perceptions of femininity and beauty are an ongoing reference for AREA; the ways in which these ideals evolve and change across time and cultures is a driving inspirational force for the brand. Through examining and challenging the evolution of beauty ideals, AREA celebrates duality and togetherness.

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