EKOLUV is a Conscious. Sustainable. Compassionate Living Boutique that gives back. Each purchase through EKOLUV helps to empower women through opportunity.


We are comitted to promoting a more Sustainable and Ethically concious way of living by providing an online platform enabling people to make more conscious choices with their purchases by encouraging products which take into consideration the three "P's" ... People, Profit & Planet. .


"Each purchase we make or not make, in turn makes a statement and shapes the way our world operates and what we want our future to look like" - Emily Kate Symes

As we are emotional beings, it seems that we are now looking for fashion that talks to us, tells us a story and transports us into another world that is different from ours. It's the emotional experience and connection that we are all searching for - it is what we want, what we need and what our world needs. We are constantly discovering more and more amazingly talented brands, designers and artists who have a sustainable and ethical approach in doing business. We therefore decided everyone and anyone should have access to them, to have an online hub enabling them to easily find and discover and enjoy them too and so EKOLUV was born.

We wanted to provide a unique selection of the very best Ethical. Sustainable. Fair Trade. Hand Made. Recycled and Vintage fashion from brilliant designers both locally in Australia and world wide. We also know being conscious of our environment doesn't just stop at fashion, so we promote the most gorgeous beauty, homeware and lifestyle products to suit any eco lover's lifestyle. We also provide an online community to help promote local artists through providing them with a showcase for their various artworks.

EKOLUV was launched in October 2012 and is the brain bank of Emily Kate Symes, an international model/stylist turned entrepreneur and designer to her eco jewellery brand EmilyKate. This makes Emily well equipped to address the needs of the everyday 'conscious' consumer. Emily's love of Vintage, Ethical and Sustainable Fashion fuelled the idea to start her own boutique enabling consumers to access fashion on a whole other level, giving people the choice to shop more consiously without having to compromise on quality or style whilst every purchase helps to empower women through opportunity through the organisations we are partnered with. EKOLUV follows Emily's passion toward a more Eco friendly and socially responsible way of living. She aims to raise awareness, of the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. She wanted to empower and inspire people to start critically thinking, making more conscious decisions with their purchases. Emily is a passionate social, environmental and animal rights activist and a member of the Fellowship 500 an initiative of the Ethical Fashion Forum, uniting 500 pioneering innovators in Fashion and Sustainability, Globally. EKOLUV was recently chosen as a Finalst in the 2013 Global Awards For Sustainable Fashion.

Emily was also an ambassador for one of the first Health and Wellness Congress's in Asia where she worked closely with WHO (World Health Organisation) leading those to a more healthier and happier lifestyle. Emily maintains a healthy vegetarian diet and is interested in nutrition and wellness of mind, body and soul. She lives a sustainable lifestyle where possible and believes in positive social change through the empowerment of women through education and opportunity. She believes that we are all one in this world and ethics need not be compromised to be successful in life, with a loving heart we can all achieve anything we desire along with passion, dedication, commitment, love for self and compassion for others.