Did you know that Australian's produce about 6,000kg's of clothing and textile waste every 10 mins? Crazy right? We are not okay with that! 

We know that fashion is an important part of people's life and identity and so we wanted to offer you a way to shop your favourite designers in a way that is less harmful to the planet. 

EKOLUV offers the opportunity for customers to join the sharing and second-hand economy by hiring designer dresses and purchasing pre-loved garments. 

Everytime you rent a garment you are saving the water, electricity and emissions used to make a new piece of clothing. Prolonging the life of an item of clothing already in existence is a positive move towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Wondering what to do with that old Chanel suit you’ve not worn for 10 years? We also offer a way for you to sell your designer garments in store. 

AT EKOLUV we try to be as sustainable as possible in our business operations. The EKOLUV website is carbon neutral, the boutique in Paddington is zero waste, and everything from the clothes racks to the coat hangers are second hand. Even the mannequins were saved from landfill - we don’t mind if they are missing a toe or two! 

As well as offering customers a more sustainable way to shop luxury fashion, Emily is mindful of those who don’t have the same opportunities. That’s why she’s chosen to partner with Opportunity International Australia and donates 5% of all profits towards the cause.

"Each purchase we make or not make, in turn makes a statement and shapes the way our world operates and what we want our future to look like" - Emily Kate Symes

Things we are working on in 2020: 

  • Offsetting the carbon emissions from our delivery and returns 
  • Working with a green dry cleaning service that won’t compromise the longevity of the garments
  • Streamlining our stock range to work with companies who hold sustainability at their core