The Ultimate Ethical Fashion Destination. 

'The only' one stop shop; providing the very best in Vintage, Eco, Sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion and Lifetsyle wear. We are comitted to promoting a more Eco friendly way of living by providing an Ethical online store enabling people to make more conscious choices with their fashion purchases.

EKOLUV is driven by an authentic commitment to social justice and environmental responsibility.

We at EKOLUV endeavour to ensure that all products we source are carried out in a manner that are consistent with Fair Trade and or environmentally accredited principles.

We are committed to providing the world access to Eco-luxury, vintage, sustainable, fair trade and overall ethical fashion & making them the everyday fashion wear of choice for the conscious consumer.

We believe in creating & supporting opportunities for people in developing countries to benefit in an ethical and sustainable manner from the international market whilst being environmentally conscious of our practices. We do this through our choice to select/support/promote and sell exceptional quality, stylish items produced under accredited associations and or ethical practices and methods of sourcing. 

Our products are sourced from all over the world and in a variety of developing countries. We only encourage brands that use the highest quality, and or certified organic & ethically grown raw materials into their fashion wear. We consistantly strive to ensure that all our products 'in some way' leave a minimal carbon & water footprint.

We believe that increasingly consumers want to know the full “story” behind the products they are buying so that both
the planet and the people along the supply chain are treated with respect and dignity.

We know that regardless of what is percieved about fashionable people who crave style is that people do want to be part of the “solution” to poverty, social injustice and environmental degradation and in most cases will embrace opportunities to do so – but at the same time don’t want to compromise on 'quality' or 'style'.

More people today are becoming aware of the dangers of toxicity and the links to what we wear, ultimately having an affect on our bodies and we do not want to be clothed in fabrics that are 'harmful'; rather are free of chemicals and pesticides and the associated negative consequences.

EKOLUV aims to demonstrate that social and environmental integrity and profits can happily coexist. Ethics need
not be compromised to be successful in the business world. We believe to be successful is to have a business founded on LOVE, LOVE for this earth and all it's beings.

    EKOLUV is created by Emily Kate Symes whom has many years experience in the fashion industry as a model/stylist/eco-designer and in turn was well equipped to address the needs of the everyday 'conscious' consumer. Emily's love of Vintage and Eco Fashion fuelled the idea to start her own boutique enabling consumers to access fashion on a whole other level, giving people the choice to shop more consiously without having to compromise on quality or style..