In Smile Clothing kit in India 2012
 An enchanting moment in time with my love (founding partner of Smile Clothing) At the Taj Mahal, Agra, India

 Smile Clothing Drop in Indonesia 2012

Have you ever taken into consideration the effects of your daily duties? It seems just too easy these days that we do things automatically without even thinking or considering the impact using and buying things have on our climate and ultimately each other. Now what about the clothing your wearing? Were there Fair Trade working conditions for those involved in the production of your garment? Has the garment been mass produced? Has it been created from fabrics that in turn impact our environment in a toxic way? By buying your garment did you help support a cause/movement or small business in doing so? Now I'm not saying doing the things we do daily are bad, clearly we have evolved into a generation where a global communication network has become a necessity and therefore we need access to utilities on a greater/faster/cheaper and more accessible scale but what I'm trying to point out here is to see the bigger picture.

As we are emotional beings, it seems that we are now looking for fashion that talks to us, tells us a story and transports us into another world that is different from ours. It's the emotional experience and connection that we are all searching for - it is what we want, what we need and what our world needs. Now what about this connection? Isn't fashion supposed to be a statement or reflect the way we feel or be a representation about ourselves? What does your clothing say about you?      

Let me introduce you to a company who's very core is compassion, catering to the needs of children who may not have access to an education due to a lack of uniforms or clothing to attend school. This company's name is Smile Clothing, and It delights me today to share with you some moments and pictures from some of the clothing drops that I had the pleasure of joining in the past year.  

Smile Clothing's business model supporting a one for one movement, where every item of clothing you buy, the equivalent of a T-shirt or school uniform is donated to a child in need. Giving them access to what these guys believe is a basic human right, an education.

If you haven't yet heard about Smile Clothing, you soon will. This company is makng waves internationally and has already been recognised and featured as a 'brand to watch' on Virgin Unite's Website. Featuring regularly in magazine and newspaper articles, It seems the word is spreading quickly about the incredible things this group of guys (Smile Clothing) are doing and are becoming a popular clothing wear of choice amongst many young and more conscious consumers.

You can visit Smile Clothing's website here at       

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