Sustainable Fashion For World Environment Day 2013

When most people think of Sustainable or Ethical fashion they think of drab hippy shirts, but in the last 10 years we see more and more amazing designers with a sustainable approach to their designs/use of materials without having to compromise on quality or style. There are even more choices now than ever before and it pleases me to announce an upcoming event on the 9th June for Sustainable Fashion on the Sunshine Coast During The World Environment Day Festival 2013. 

It is also with great pleasure that I announce that I am participating in The Sustainable Fashion event and vintage and ethical fashion from EKOLUV and my Eco-Luxe jewellery label EmilyKate will be featured in the fashion show. There will also be so many wonderfully talented local sustainable fashion designers along with fashion design students garments will be featured in the show.

What's happening at WED 2013? 
* Sunshine Coast TAFE - is organising a fashion show of garments produced from recycled materials by their fashion design students.
* Brisbane designers - New to WED in 2013 is a fashion show run and organised by a collective of sustainable fashionista's from Brisbane showcasing local designers and make up artists working with sustainable materials.

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