If you don't already know H&M have recently launched their new Concious Collection featuring the beautiful Ms Vanessa Paradis. I've always loved H&M and am a good customer but since they've launched their Concious Collection It gives me even more reason to shop and not feel the guilt (When I say guilt I mean knowing more about the product I'm buying which comes from a company that supports sustainable and ethical fashion with regard to people and the environment). Since I am an avid Sustainable and Ethical fashion advocate, it delights me to know that even some of the 'giants' in the fashion industry are doing their part in setting an example for being a sustaibale and can still be very profitabe business in the fashion industry. This campaign shows H&M's 'commitment to a more sustainable future' which includes: providing fashion for concious customers, being climate smart, using natural rescources resposibly, reduce, reuse, recycle and help strengthen communities among others. It seems Ethical and Sustainable fashion as 'not just a passing fad' is becoming more of a reality. I can't wait to see more from H&M's Sustainable fashion rage. Here you'll also find my top picks from the recent collection, love, love, love! x

If you'd like to find out more about the great things H&M are doing you can visit their link here
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