Upon arrival we were warmly greeted with a smile and the kind of service you would expect from any 5 star resort. However although a 5 star resort Elements Of Byron exuded the 'laid back' and 'make yourself at home' charm that you would expect any authentic accommodation in Byron would have. The staff were very friendly, attentive and accommodating to our needs. The serene sounds of the waves and the ocean breeze coupled with the sounds of the local wildlife make it the perfect sanctuary.

Our villa was simply beautiful, situated close to the beach it was the perfect little hideaway. The interior was gorgeous, a modern and minimal decor throughout yet it felt quite cosy and homely at the same time. It featured a generously sized bathtub, luxurious Appelles bath and skincare products (my favourite being the vitamin B bath caviar), a portable bose sound dock which you can bluetooth your music through from your devices and a 'tapendium' which is a samsung tablet containing all your service needs, details and information for your stay.

Since Byron Bay is the eastern-most point of Australia and the first place to see the sun rise, guests are invited to join the Elements of Byron resident yogi to greet the day at the Heart of the Bay. Elements also offers private yoga and meditation sessions to further your practice.

Being a foodie at heart, I had to mention how amazing the food is at Elements. I had this ridiculously delicious deconstructed gay time desert and it literally took me back in time to my childhood when I used to eat gay times during such hot summers in Queensland.

The Spa is incredible, as soon as I entered I felt such calming energy and positive vibrations. It is the perfect sanctuary one can only dream about, but it's real. Should you be in need of a massage, body ritual or face treatment, the Osprey Spa has got you covered. They offer relaxing hot stone and aromatherapy massages, revitalising body scrubs and refreshing and soothing facials.

Overall I left feeling relaxed and revitalised, Elements was the ultimate getaway that I could escape to. Being the perfect fusion of a modern resort and nature lover's paradise.

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